Major Issues

  • Relationship issues between individuals who are coupled
  • Schooling problems of youngsters
  • Behavioral problems of children or adolescents
  • Parenting problem
  • Adaption challenges of caring for a family member with a serious psychological or chronic health problem
  • Work-related problems of one or more adults in a family
  • Managing the aging problem of a family member or relative
  • Problems in relationships between a sub-set of family members
  • Problems in communications between two or more persons
  • Relationship disturbances based on misconceptions
Typical procedures and techniques:
  • Evidence based treatments
  • Systems interventions (including family therapy) from a wide array of emphases
  • Network therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Group therapy and work group therapy
  • Consultation with external authorities such as school professionals, primary and chronic care physicians, juvenile authorities and the courts
  • Supervision of various workers concerned with resolving the presenting issues